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Online Legacy


I had an old friend in my hometown recently pass away.

I wish I would have kept in better touch with him over the years, don’t we always feel that way.

Life is too short, make it count!

It’s an odd experience when a friend passes and you do an online legacy search to remember or cherish the information you come across.

In Byron Massey’s case, I came across a writing pseudonym, a collectible game card designer, a business owner, musician, friend, creative mind, and a thoughtful writer.

I have enjoyed reading through his “collected works” page at his website.

There is a great article titled “Parliamentary Procedures”.

Also a great post about the “Stone of Destiny”(aka Jacob’s Pillar), and it’s unique history amongst English and Scottish royalty.

I don’t endorse all of Byron’s views. I appreciate the fact that they exist!

I am grateful we live in a country with freedom of expression.

I am grateful that his site is still up and running for me to ponder and enjoy.



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