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Apple Exceeds 10 Billion Apps Downloaded


Here is the article from MSNBC – LINK

Just for fun let’s frame it in a few perspectives.

I love any reason to geek out on Wolfram Alpha.

– It takes 31 years and 251 days to count to one billion. *Mathforum

So, it would take you about 317 years to count to ten billion.

– If each of those apps had an average cost of $3.62

$36.2 billion is about how much the TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) has made back for the US.Gov so far.

– About half the entire program cost for the F-22 Raptor.

– You could buy Haiti and Mongolia.

– Bailout AIG (did you hear they are paying that money back?) LINK

– How much is this Gulf oil spill going to cost us anyway, 37 billion? LINK

– About 6 million people played Dungeons & Dragons in 2007…..(wait, sorry off topic).

– The cost to Australia for heavily imbibed pub patrons. LINK

– 40 Billion projected annual 2010 budget for the entire Russian Military.

Russian MIG 31 Firefox



Starting to really sound like a lot of $ green.

3.6 × 10^10
11 decimal digits
~~ 0.12 × the number of stars in our galaxy (~~ 3×10^11)



My personal triumph at stumping Wolfram Alpha-

Lady GaGa stumps Wolfram Alpha!

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