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Spotify…Schmaotify. Anyone Else Suffering From Music Service Hype Fatigue?


I am so tired of the industry “hype” on Spotify already.

Napster and Rhapsody both of whom have respectable catalogs of licensed music and varying degrees of user friendly functionality have a difficult time maintaining their user base (churn).

Neither has ever reached a critical mass in user adoption.

Both have had significant national advertising campaigns.

Both have had corporate/financial backing.

Both also have brand name recognition.

What makes up Spotify’s unique selling proposition?

It’s hip in Europe and the user interface is “just like iTunes!”. Don’t think so.

When iTunes moves to a subscription (which they will in one form or another) iTunes will kill Spotify. Everyone has a iPad, iPod, and/or an iPhone. Spotify? Why bother.

Even though all my industry friends are posting the crap out of this service on Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin etc. no one…believe me, no one “outside” the industry hype is CLAMORING for Spotify. 0 demand for this service. 20 million users? imeem had near 20 million users on a free model with a paid premium option too.

The only chance Spotify has is the Lala route. Oh you don’t remember Lala? I barely remember the blip on the radar too, so don’t feel bad. The formula = Create industry hype, Apple or Google overpays for the technology, investors (including industry investors) rejoice. Rinse dry repeat.

$ Incentive = Hype in this case.

We’ve seen them come and we’ve seen them go.

Everytime I am right I am accused of being a negative nelly.

Well…this time I had to speak up.

Is anyone else suffering from music service hype fatigue?

Speak up nellies!

****08.08.2011 Update

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