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….there are small ways to improve any job, and those incremental improvements can add up to major increases in job satisfaction.

April 6th. Merle.


2019 Germany Trip – In Pictures


I was fortunate to be able to attend a trade show for work in Nuremberg, Germany in March of this year. Many of you know I am an amateur photographer. I love to take pictures along the way. Here are a few select shots from around Nürnberg deep behind the lines in the heart of bonita Bavaria.


Man takes flight.


On our way.


Lufthansa logo art.


Gentlemen welcome here.


Lego Millennium Falcon.

This one turned out a bit too dark due to the way the sun was facing. I still liked the picture and I did get a few night shots of this epic restaurant over the river; further along in this post.  



The king called out his jet fighters.


View over Nuremberg from the castle overlook.


Castle guard tower on the approach to the Imperial courtyard.


Nuremberg church at night.


Old guard overlook that houses Der Nassauer Keller in the basement.

Outside of the great food, the Heilig-Geist-Spital restaurant has a remarkable history.

The Holy Spirit Hospital in Nuremberg  was the largest municipal facility for the care of the sick in the old imperial city . It was also the depository of the imperial jewels , which were kept in Nuremberg from 1424 to 1796. The hospital was built over the Pegnitz river. 


Heilig Geist Spital Nuremberg at night from the bridge over the river.


Heilig Geist Spital Nuremberg at night from the bridge.


Hotel Fackelmann


Franco’s spot.


Sangre del Toro


Sangre del Toro alternate view


Good News


We hear so much bad news all the time, here is a great story with a real hero from these passengers stuck on an Amtrak train –

in a condo made of stone-a


I got the opportunity to see the King Tut (correct: King Tutankhamunexhibit here at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Words cannot express the magnificence of it all. Impressed just feels like the understatement of the millenia for such a display of treasures (historical, cultural and of course, financial – everything was really “golded up”).

I can say that I appreciate the antiquities of this plane and I feel fortunate to be able to have witnessed the exhibit here in Portland.

Thank you OMSI (OMSI’s awesome.).

A few select shots from the day –


King Tut Tomb Layout


Burial Chamber


Burial Chamber - Outermost Shell


Looking Into the Burial Chambers - Front Door


Chamber Wall Arts


Chamber Wall Arts 2


Chamber Wall Arts 3


Innermost and Final Resting Chamber made of Marble and Alabaster


All Four Burial Coffins



Treasured Tomb of Inner Organs for the Afterlife

I’d like my inner remains someday to be plastered in by gold walls, guarded by four ancient goddesses, and hundreds of King Cobra’s displayed to ward off nefarious types in the afterlife as well.


King Tut Cobra Jewelry


King Tut Jewerly Image


King Tut's Chair



The Mask for All Time

The Mask – A Face for Eternity