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Early Sphinx Images


Félix Adrien Bonfils (8 March 1831 – 1885) a French photographer who was active in the Middle East. He was one of the first commercial photographers to produce images of the Middle East on a large scale and amongst the first of the Sphinx photographers who delivered images to the West – developed in 1880. Sphinx pictured late 1800’s.

Tualatin River Forecast


#Tualatin River Forecast – Beautiful #Summer Evening. Construction continues.

How It Works


The processor that makes your cell phone work was fabricated using quartz from this obscure Appalachian backwater. #mobile #technology





The Swoosh – When. Why?


For many years “Just Do It” seemed to be taking a backseat to the primary totem for the #Nike brand – Carolyn Davidson’s now massively famous and recognizable design the “Swoosh”.

The Swoosh often appears solo and in many instances, with no Just Do It in sight.

While the complimentary pair never completely went away, this image on a shirt reminds me of a more vintage feel.

I’d love to hear how Nike determines when, where, how, the pair, or only the Swoosh, show up to play.

#Advertising #Marketing #Nike #Trends #Logo #Beaverton

Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge Visit


A few pictures from today’s walk around the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge.

I tried to utilize those hip Instagram filters however, the actual raw photograph is typically the most beautiful and best telling of the moment.

Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Activities

#tualatinrivernationalwildliferefuge #TualatinRiver #NatureShots #NoFilter

Busy bee being interrupted by an interloper –