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#Innovation #Designer Story


New custom knifemaker and inventor Flavio Ikoma video out now with Flavio talking about the #inspiration for the innovative new Deadbolt locking mechanism from CRKT #knives –

Unapologetic Advertising Remembrance


Never gets old – “defiant in its performance” and “the most advanced production car on the planet” – I miss #advertising that was unapologetic and unabashedly advertising. View this 1984 master class here –

Nike Ditches Amazon


The devil is in the details here. In a practical sense, Nike moved this resource intensive work from Nike to third party players(s)- potentially in a move to a service like a NetRush. While this is a substantial shift, the Nike brand will still have to “deal with” a significant Nike brand presence on Amazon and all that still entails. Bad or incomplete listings, whack-a-mole third party sellers, counterfeits, etc.

There is no quick fix. This may be even a longer term negotiation tactic to drive awareness of the issue(s) for brands. It got a lot of attention.

Paris 1900


A few select shots from the Paris 1900 exhibit at the Portland Art Museum. Last weekend and it’s raining, so grab your hat and trench coat and head to the park blocks.

#PortlandArtMuseum #Paris #Paris1900 #Exhibition

Fascinating | Worth Viewing


The extraordinary final test to become a Shaolin master | Sacred Wonders – BBC #Fascinating #Shaolin #KungFu