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Music Artist

Joel Bornzin in the Recording Studio

In recent years, developing my professional sales & marketing career & climbing mountains has taken on my full attention.

In my past life I made 11 records, toured the continental United States, and played shows in 3 countries.

“You might say, I got out of the garage.” jb

I no longer play drums in the rock ‘n roll group.

I am only a recreational player of the drum set these days.

My start came from being mentored at a young age by my older brother, Keith Bornzin. I will always look up to him as my first music teacher. He is also the best brother anyone could ever ask for!

Keith has played drums in many successful Portland music groups.

A few of you may know me as “Jim Holiday”, my stage name with the group “Teenage Frames“. TF Home Site.

Jim is my middle name. I have been working on getting back to using my first name again.

The name I grew up with, Joel Bornzin. A personal brand re-reinvention really…back to the original.

On Stage at The Knitting Factory Hollywood

It’s kind of odd and funny when you attempt to make it in show business.

I mean who knew that “Ringo Starr” from The Beatles had a stage name too!

I played on a lot of underground Portland metal and punk demos and stuff too, from Jackalbait to The Weaklings. I was also fortunate enough to have played on a few records by Industrial Artist 16volt.

Teenage Frames Tour Spain 1997

Music can be purchased at CD Baby or Amazon.

Teenage Frames Los Angeles Street. Joel Bornzin – 2nd from Left.