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in a condo made of stone-a


I got the opportunity to see the King Tut (correct: King Tutankhamunexhibit here at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Words cannot express the magnificence of it all. Impressed just feels like the understatement of the millenia for such a display of treasures (historical, cultural and of course, financial – everything was really “golded up”).

I can say that I appreciate the antiquities of this plane and I feel fortunate to be able to have witnessed the exhibit here in Portland.

Thank you OMSI (OMSI’s awesome.).

A few select shots from the day –


King Tut Tomb Layout


Burial Chamber


Burial Chamber - Outermost Shell


Looking Into the Burial Chambers - Front Door


Chamber Wall Arts


Chamber Wall Arts 2


Chamber Wall Arts 3


Innermost and Final Resting Chamber made of Marble and Alabaster


All Four Burial Coffins



Treasured Tomb of Inner Organs for the Afterlife

I’d like my inner remains someday to be plastered in by gold walls, guarded by four ancient goddesses, and hundreds of King Cobra’s displayed to ward off nefarious types in the afterlife as well.


King Tut Cobra Jewelry


King Tut Jewerly Image


King Tut's Chair



The Mask for All Time

The Mask – A Face for Eternity

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