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Short Hot Summer


It’s been a bit of a short, hot, summer here in Tigardland. No air conditioning in the pad has forced my hand to hug two blue ice blocks in a Ziploc bag, dropped into a pillow case, to suffice as my significant other on these scorching evenings. Ceiling fan intact and rotating; certainly not high brow, although growing up in North Bend, I’ve never been accused of that.

Those that know me best, know that I love photography. I am certainly not a pro, just a simple enthusiast. I post a lot of pictures on my blog for a reason, there are times in my life when pictures sum it up better than story. That’s your trigger warning for not much text, just a few seasonal images to follow –

Listening lately:



That dawn/early evening sky blue. This one.


Sunset Bay sand in between toes.


Why does mexican food, specifically, everything with a fresh lime squeezed on it, taste so good during hot weather spells?

Bornzin pride:

Dad finished third book, nephew finished basic and AIT training.

Enjoy + stay cool.

Summer started by going after salmon on the Willamette River, up close to the Falls, this shot is from the bow of the H.M.S. Avocado, we saw one too many sea lions up the river this year. Most of these are iPhone pics, so hang in there –


On the home couch in Silverton, Oregon. Remember that blue sky favorite color I mentioned at the top of this post, this is it –


We headed off to the Blade Show (the world’s largest custom knife + tool consumer show) in Atlanta for work in early June to release the new Field Strip Technology innovation, designed by world-class knife maker and inventor, Ken Onion. We had a line out the door for Ken and brought home an award for “Most Innovative” design. We also won Best Buy of the Year for the Brian Tighe designed Tighe Tac Two, another banner year for Columbia River Knife & Tool.

Honored to work with such remarkable custom makers –


Field Strip Technology hero shot –





So obviously that calls for a bit of a celebratory dinner –


I found a rock in downtown Portland that was dedicated to a mentor and teacher of mine (Lisa Peyton) from the Portland State University Digital Marketing Strategy program –


A view of the Union Bank Tower on Broadway –


Near the end of the summer, Tom (thanks Tom!) took us out for some catch and release Sturgeon fishing on the sandy banks of Hood River, where it flows into the mighty Columbia –


If you work hard for change and progress in business then you will be able to appreciate this one as well, although it is questionable if Plato is the actual source –



And this one that flowed through my social feed recently that I liked, not sure who to attribute, a good one for work –






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