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2016 SHOT Show Round Up


Every year we head out to the SHOT Show to showcase our new wares for important customers, the professional audience, dealers, industry folks, bloggers, old friends, YouTuber’s, who are my personal favorite group (CRKT 2016 YouTube Playlist), and influential press/publicity contacts.

It is an exciting time as we are showing many new products and receiving a visceral, industry-centric reaction.

Ken Onion‘s new knife the Outrage was very well received and Ken’s continued presence as the premiere designer for CRKT shown through all content assets and signage of the show –

Ken Onion SHOT Show 2016

Ken Onion CRKT SHOT Show 2016

Over the years the show has become less about writing orders, as we see our customers earlier and earlier in the year (these days), and more about showing off the brand, with innovative product displays, announcing exciting partnerships, talking with our friends, and generating new release press + publicity.

There is also a strange phenomena that I have dubbed “booth envy” in the trade show world. Where brands have to outdo each other and who has the biggest, loudest, booth presence reigns supreme. For years in knives, that has basically been Gerber (examples 1st with Zombie craze here…and here…ouch that booth blows…). Now that Gerber‘s dominance is on the wane, others have certainly stepped up. Under Armour comes to mind and always has an impressive showing.

We had two big announcements this year about the Ruger Knives and Forged By War…learn more here – Ruger Knives and Forged By War. More to come on Forged By War; a worthy cause that stories are just starting to come to fruition…stay tuned.

I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you a few of our video efforts. While it takes a team for the whole show to come together and be pulled off successfully, the YouTube videos really end up being the highest visibility assets generated from the show. They live on long after the event and end up being the go-to spots for the knife and tool consumer to find out (and comment on)…and interact with us, our new programs, the brands, and most importantly our designers (see Designers Round Table video here from Going Gear).

Round up follows –

My interview with The Late Boy Scout

mixflip came by early in the show and got a scoop fast –

A painful example of when your voice starts to give out from my interview with Tim from Everyday Tactical Vids

The good news is that Ben was there to help out and work with our friends on YouTube. Here is one of Ben’s greatest hits this year with Blade HQ

We always appreciate seeing our friends at Blade HQ, that being said Ben did actually end up getting “meme ‘d” on Instagram with David from Ultimate Survival Tips…a lot of fun that you have to check out! Over the last week or so they just keep getting better

It was also great to finally meet the Knife News guys in person and catch up with them directly. Check out their coverage Knife News SHOT Show Coverage.

We’re always honored when Nutnfancy comes by the booth at SHOT. He even took the time to look into our very important partnership this year with Ruger. While we don’t always agree (you can view his video here about his take on “add on” brands) we have always appreciated his honest and up front view on the industry at large and the revolution that he set off in education content generation and knife industry community engagement. There is no one quite like him and we respect his presence in the marketplace. Frankly, all positive (or negative) reviews aside….we welcome it. I’m personally happy that he and I can both agree on the CRKT Drifter. My favorite CRKT EDC and Nutnfancy reviewed here.

All in all another great, successful, SHOT Show for Columbia River Knife & Tool!

As a personal added bonus addendum..if you have never seen the MC5’s A True Testimonial documentary, my friend linked to this on Vimeo here. If you love rebellious rock’n roll as much as I do…enjoy the freedom (while it’s up).

We were all excited about releasing this “Who We Are” video before SHOT this year to generate buzz and excitement among our contact base –



What’s New for 2016 at CRKT – Link here.

I would also send out a gigantic thank you to the Blue Collar Agency team in Hood River for an exceptional design job for the booth….incorporating all of our needed elements gloriously and seamlessly throughout the experience, this post isn’t really about booth design…I am contemplating creating an entire post dedicated to their remarkable efforts.

Thank you Ryan, Patrick, Ben, Lindsey, Paul (for leading early), Rod and Mark (for trusting our creative vision, thank you), and of course…Doug (my boss)…Doug, your immediate trust is most felt and appreciated….and of course MOST importantly, ALL of our designer roster. We couldn’t do what we do without your creative works and incredible contributions to the cause, thank you for this continued and successful marketplace partnership. – jb









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  1. 02/29/2016 10:40 am

    Good write-up. Sounds like it was a good trade show. I appreciate your positive and appreciative attitude toward ALL your collaborators. You speak well for CRKT. JKB

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