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North Bend Oregon Trip – 2015


My hometown is North Bend, Oregon.

Many of my coming of age experiences happened there and I still have great friends in the area.

I try and get back at least once a year and this time it was awesome to see a few things finally starting to give economically in this historically depressed area of what Portlander’s call the “South Coast”. I personally prefer the “Redneck Riviera” (respectively).

My brother and I often say you can take the boy of the bay, but you can’t take the bay out of the boy. We both still appreciate the brine in the air, the afternoon wind kicking up, the clear summer days, the rain in all other seasons, and the fall fog rolling in. Referring to Coos Bay of course, the port that at one time was the busiest seaport on the West Coast. Those days have passed, so it was good to see the recently renovated Egyptian Theater doing well and a batch of logs on the docks.

The first view coming into town –

North Bend Bridge

The street we grew up on –

Edgewood Drive

Our old house is being well taken care of (great to see as there were a few bunk years) –

The Old House

Grandma and Grandpa’s old pad. This place rocked with a sunken living room (very hip) –

Grandma and Gramps Old Place

Heading up Newmark –


At the top of this hill resides our local TV station where we received the news of the world –


Good to see a record store still open in town –

Off The Record

Where we went to middle school (7th and 8th grades) –

North Bend Middle School

And where we went to High School –

North Bend High School Sign

The morning walk-up view –

North Bend High School Front Entrance

The field (reminds me of the one in Dazed and Confused and it felt that way at times too) –

North Bend High School Football Field

Keith was attending his 30th class reunion and it was fun to see old friends. One of the highlights of the events was a bonfire at Bastendorff. It was a perfect Oregon night and everyone was having a great time –

Classic Oregon Beach Bonfire

Also very tastefully done was a row of luminaries placed across the beach honoring classmates that had passed. A fitting tribute so their presence could be felt and respectively remembered –


One of our close friends, Byron, was included in the tribute –


The church on Thompson Road where our Dad was the Preacher. Gloria Dei Lutheran. Many fun times and growing up was done here in the youth group with good friends and close families –

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

A great spot for breakfast/brunch if you are ever in the area –

The Pancake Mill, Coos Bay, OR

Good to see a batch of logs ready for shipping, this town needs the commerce –

Ready to Go

Kim’s Oriental Market in Coos Bay (I just like the sign) –

Kim's Oriental Market

And so pleased to see the Egyptian Theater in Coos Bay in full renovation mode, even beating a target financial goal!

Egyptian Theater Coos Bay Oregon

In the newly renovated theater, you have to go and see it! The pictures just can’t deliver the experience –

Egyptian Theater Coos Bay Oregon

Egyptian Theater Coos Bay Oregon

Egyptian Theater Coos Bay Oregon

Egyptian Theater Coos Bay Oregon

Egyptian Theater Coos Bay Oregon

Egyptian Theater Coos Bay Oregon

View from the balcony, so happy they blew out those lame shoebox theaters up there that were taking up space in the building –

Egyptian Theater Coos Bay Oregon

Even the crushed red velvet chairs are brand new…doesn’t that look inviting and comfortable. Perfect for a night at the movies!

Egyptian Theater Coos Bay Oregon

Egyptian Theater Coos Bay Oregon

We stopped at Winchester Bay on our way out of town –

Winchester Bay

We don’t leave town now without hitting our favorite spot for Oysters – The Umpqua Triangle…fresh from the bay this morning. Thanks for the tip Tony!

Umpqua Triangle Winchester Bay

We saw elk heading out past Loon Lake as well. Take that New York City…6 bulls in NATURE –


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  1. Shawna Shepherd permalink
    07/26/2015 9:23 am

    Wow Joel, this us awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  2. skdl permalink
    07/26/2015 9:27 am

    So nice to have you boys back in town. We hope to see you next time. You are loved by the Larcoms

  3. Jim and Carmen permalink
    07/26/2015 3:35 pm

    Great photos and wonderful memories. Thanks, Dad and Mom

  4. Leann permalink
    07/26/2015 9:59 pm

    Next time Gino’s and the dunes…..

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