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3 Reasons Why the MSN Home Page Is Not Mobile Friendly #Mobilegeddon


I was reading about the upcoming Google mobile update and I thought to myself this morning, I wonder how Microsoft is doing?

I was surfing around so I dropped by the home page….and gasp!…It is not mobile friendly.

According to the Google test the following three main issues prevent the MSN home page from being mobile friendly –

1. Content is wider than screen

2. Links too close together

3. Mobile viewport is not set

Good news is that the #Microsoft home page is mobile friendly. Maybe it is just taking a minute for to catch up!

Actual test link here.

Read more about #Mobilegeddon here and here and from Google here.

Is Microsoft ill prepared? Comment below.

See attached screen shots.



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  1. 04/11/2015 12:39 pm

    This is from Jes–It’s probably like this because Microsoft has been spending all their time making silly apps for everything – MSN released multiple apps for all their different sections in the last few months including a bunch for Android and iOS.

    For some reason every company and their grandma would rather make apps than build websites for phones.

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