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Popcorn Time and Lessons Learned from the Music Industry


What is Popcorn Time and why do the movie studios hate it?

A lesson learned from the music industry.

Popcorn Time (now called Time 4 Popcorn) is a simple, easy to use, interface application that sorts and displays (and streams) torrent movies. That’s right the pirated file movies.

The music industry was revolutionized by a similar service called Napster. Torrents have always existed however, not this simple, non-threatening, browser like iTunes or Netflix level like this. Very impressive. The app is receiving a lot of press attention and the movie studios may not be able to shut it down, since it is not hosting anything. It is just an interface, a shell that allows you to search and stream.

Bob Lefsetz had a great post about it this morning here. If you don’t subscribe to the Lefsetz Letter you’re missing out. He’s a social commentator and cultural icon in the music industry. You might not always agree with what he has to say, you’ll always be entertained.

Matt Burns post here – From TechCrunch – Popcorn Time is Hollywood’s Worst Nightmare and It Can’t Be Stopped.

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