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Great Post on Yahoo Small Business – Content Marketing: The Oldest Trick in the Book


I am always suspect of how the media and industry define new and trendy nomenclature. When I first heard “content marketing”, I have to admit the hair on the back of my neck stood up just a little bit. Isn’t that what we’ve always done. Tell a story, share an engaging image, a political poster that’s meant to inspire you to take an action…on and on. All content marketing.

Lindsay’s point here is about trust; that somehow that is the differentiator. I feel it has always been about trust. Did anyone in the early days of advertising NOT sniff out the snake oil salesman’s message or poster? Maybe we are more attune to it now (certainly the youth/digital natives are). However, there really is a sucker born every minute…and there still is. How many times as a digital marketer are you solicited on a weekly basis from some shady company from Florida with the promise on “increasing conversions”? There are more snakes than ever. Trust has always ruled the day.

This is a great post from Lindsay Bell that should get a good conversation going, here is the link –

Content Marketing: The Oldest Trick in the Book

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  1. 12/23/2013 10:32 am

    Thank you for posting this , Joel.

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