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Google vs. Bing “Bing It On” Ad Campaign Challenge – Results


This day in age who doesn’t Google themselves out of curiosity?

Who has taken the opportunity to Bing themselves?

As a digital media professional, I often Google myself to determine if the brand I am reflecting out to the web is authentic to the person and professional that I am.

Brand me.

So when I saw the Google vs. Bing “Bing It On” ad campaign search challenge (initiated by Microsoft’s search engine Bing) I decided to take it!

Go ahead and try it too! Here is the – LINK.

And here are the results (Bing you still have a ways to go).

Bing vs. Google “Bing It On” Campaign Challenge Results by Joel Bornzin

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  1. 09/23/2012 2:24 pm

    Very interesting. I’ve always been a Google/Yahoo man and I would dare to say that Bing reminds me of AskJeeves. In other words, I would consider thoroughly using Bing as a last resort. Google is a powerhouse, a force to be reckon with. When it comes to technology, we’re addicted to Apple and Google. As you’ve stated, Bing has a long way to go to legitimately compete with Google/Yahoo.

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