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Content Curation


We’ve heard a lot recently about how important it is for brands to create engaging content and how much that means to Generation C (the “C”onnected Generation by Brian Solis).

The question that I’d like to answer is what to do with that content once you begin having a real catalog or library of great content.

At CRKT (where I work) we started with many simple videos introducing the products and showing the features of the knives and edged tools that we produce. This was an excellent start. One of CRKT’s strengths when I arrived was video. We had more engaging content than our competitors and therefore, a more enthusiastic audience base for our products and new product releases. Our customer base would converge around the video content and spend time with our products, brand, mission, and message. We have since matured into a full blown video strategy adding over 140+ videos with many useful topics like Everything You Need to Know About Knife Sharpening with the World’s Finest and Only “Edgeologist” (a National Treasure…really), Tom Veff.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and it’s where more and more young people are spending their time online. 4 billion daily views and with an hour of video uploaded every second (remember a billion is one thousand million). They upload videos, share them, and socialize around the content. Ask any teenager (actually anyone) today where they watch video, listen to music, go for information, or anything online related, and it’s YouTube.

I always feel it is more beneficial to give one really good example than attempt to explain many examples of the things that are happening. People feel comfortable consuming one simple example, than many confusing examples. It is a strategy I also use to present information in a public setting.

YouTube Playlists are currently the perfect way to sort, assemble, curate, and store, an entire video library (140+ CRKT videos).

Many knife fans appreciate the fact that CRKT has the finest assembled roster of Knife Designers in the industry. One way we have been able to communicate this brand story to our customers is by curating all of the videos that a Designer may be featured in into one cohesive Playlist. If there is a Ken Onion fan out there, he can easily select the Ken Onion Videos Playlist and watch and scroll through as many as he or she would like. If you like James Williams, and you want to turn your friend on to James and his designs, you can just send over the link to the Playlist. Easy button…that’s what people like online.

It gets two better –

1. YouTube videos are fully Mobile optimized.

2. Video content is very easy to share. We keep hearing again and again how important that is in today’s modern marketplace.

With great engaging video content you will inevitably inspire new customers to take an action.

Here is the link to the curated videos example – CRKT YouTube Playlists All.

We’ve got Playlists now for Hunters, Knife Designer Fans, Product Reviews, the most successful reviewers that fans are familiar with (like Nutnfancy, Edge Observer, cutlerylover etc.), and Playlists for the Tactical and Military and Law Enforcement audience (a very important demographic for us to serve, and if you are reading this Thank You for your service).

CRKT Video Playlists Curated by Joel Bornzin

Let me know your thoughts, or you have tips on content curation strategies that you are employing successfully with your consumer base in the comments below. Thank you, jb

For more reading – My recent video update post about why video is so important.

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