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Facebook Mobile Advertising Solution?…..Meet Yahoo App.


A lot of hubub about Facebook’s future and how much mobile advertising revenue means to the overall health and wealth of the company. If Facebook is to survive it has to nail mobile.

Not sure what the challenge is, Facebook already has a premium ad spot built into its mobile app right now, and it’s a solution Yahoo has employed for years.

Facebook Mobile Advertising Solution?…..Meet Yahoo App.

Scroll and see the simple solution unveiled before your very eyes….

First – Yahoo’s Mobile App Advertising Example

Yahoo Mobile App Advertising Space

These are my own personal screen shots so disregard the content on the iPhone screen (yes, I like Kung Fu Cinema).

Second – Facebook’s Mobile App Advertising Example

This is the spot that Facebook could easily just pop in an ad.

This ad space could be the ultimate mobile complement to Sponsored Stories and Facebook ad campaigns.

One better; it can also be highly targeted, take a look –

Facebook Mobile App Advertising Suggested Space

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