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Current E-Mail Marketing Trends


E-Mail Marketing.

Permission Marketing.

Consumer Outreach and Retention Strategy.

I am an online consumer. Are you too?

That makes us the authority on email marketing messages that work. If you buy or purchase from an email solicitation these marketing messages have been successful.

What works?

Let’s take a look at the current landscape of messages I have received.

1. Include a call to action.

Warner Bros. Records – Starting the marketing text saying the album is “Coming Soon” is equal to telling me that I can’t buy it right now. So I probably would not have led with that. I am informed that I can buy the “new” Jason Derulo single right now on iTunes; that’s a better lead. I am also solicited to sign up for the “mobile list”. Consumers are receiving info by mobile more than ever so that change in copy from “email or mailing list” makes good sense.

A link is provided to the Jason Derulo web store. Great idea. Made one better with an offer; “Free Tote Bag With Any Purchase”.

Including a deal or discount that catches the eye in today’s economic climate + deal savvy consumer marketplace is key.

FTD Flowers 20% off in the title…can’t view the email. Too much jpeg or picture to load to get past the aggressive spam filters. Not a good experience.

2. Refine Your Presentation.

20% off is a good deal. I take advantage of these email deals around Mother’s Day. Good use of an email offer. Presentation could be revised/simpler, so we don’t have to go through the motions of accepting and clearing each message.

Less Photo + More Text = Less Load Time.

Results in increased action/revenue.

3. Make A Compelling Offer.

REI– Wow! 3 legible offers right off the bat. This might even be a little overkill. From the start “Free Shipping on Orders $25 or More”. A $ threshold must be reached. Consumer research has shown you will probably step up to purchase over the threshold for free shipping (ala Amazon). Next, a link to the REI Anniversary Sale where you will save up to 30%! Enticing. Third, a reward for “being a member” 20% off on a full price item. Sign me up right now. I believe I am getting such great deals. I am convinced!

Let our sales minds break down the offers in revenue terms.

A. Free shipping over $25 – This raises the minimum purchase average on You will more than likely have to purchase two items, potentially equaling over $50 or more. This makes good economic sense for REI.

B. REI Anniversay Sale save up to 30%! – Sounds great…read “up to” in the fine print. You can find a deal. While you are hunting you will be impulsed to pick up a few things along the way. Will you ever get the whole 30% off? We are not sure. We are sure that 30% sounds great and you’ll come into the store to explore options. Right where we want you to be.

C. 20% Off a Full Price Item for “Members” – Membership has it’s rewards. Reinforce your return trip. You always buy stuff at REI anyway, here is a way we can give back to you. It’s on full price items, so our margin is safe. Become a member and you will be rewarded for your loyalty. A very powerful message in today’s depressed marketplace, in any marketplace. It’s worked for American Express, REI, Costco, and countless others.

4. Share.

I like Dave Ramsey. Sure he’s gotten a little too big in the last couple of years, and his sponsors can be annoying…yet there is no doubt that his simple savings techniques and sensible financial advice have helped thousands get out and stay out of debt.

A few of his articles I have shared with friends and family members that at one time or another needed help in this particular area. This is the new word of mouth.

You like a product. You recommend it to friends. You are a trusted source. They listen and a few of them buy. Word of mouth is still the most powerful tool for businesses and consumers to connect in the marketplace.

Dave Ramsey’s email newsletter provides links to social media and his website that are easy to share across multiple platforms. I would love to nerd out one day on the analytics of his email newsletter. What happens? What’s his conversion rate? I bet it’s high. People that are seeking this information need it. Dave provides a convenient way to share it. Kudos.

5. Go Mobile.

I was recently speaking with a friend of mine on the phone about future mobile opportunities. Consumer growth in this area has been astounding. Everyone is ready or getting ready. This is the future of e-commerce. Optimize now.

“Global cellphone advertising spend is expected to grow by 50 percent annually, from $12.6bn this year to $41.8bn in 2015.” *

It’s clear in the marketplace that the direction of brand messaging is moving into a known unknown mobile landscape. We know we need to deliver the brand’s message by mobile platforms. The jury is still out on mobile best practices. A few of these brand strategies will be universal. Keep it simple, provide a call to action, engage etc.

By honing the mobile message now, we will be better serving our customers and future customers in the next 36 months.

Article In Review

1. Include a Call to Action.
2. Refine Your Presentation.
3. Make a Compelling Offer.
4. Share.
5. Go Mobile.

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