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Advertising To Link Mobile Payments – The CPA Model


Very interesting article today on Techcrunch regarding the CPA model (or Cost Per Action).

How Paypal Can Close The Loop From Mobile Intent To Purchase

By Erick Shonfeld

The Breakdown –

Say you’re on the phone surfing the world wide web. You see an advert/coupon/offer that is irresistible to you in your area (think Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Daily Deal) wouldn’t it be easy and convenient to click on the ad and make the purchase right there from your reactive intent?

This is the cost per action model.

Think about the benefit to your business by being able to track that instant purchase from your mobile ad. Not a “pay per click” conversion model that only measures click engagement with the ad, the actual conversion to product income revenue derived from the mobile ad.

From a Paypal account this could be a mini revolution in mobile advertising “intent consumption”.

Next level advertising interaction?…Yes.

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