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Over 50% of Twitter Traffic Comes From 20,000 Accounts.


Very interesting information today posted by Yahoo Research.

I picked it up on Digital Music News at – Digital Music News.

My key take on this –

Stick with the fundamentals on Twitter and you can be effective building and developing your niche.

1. Timely information, delivered in brief digestible nuggets.

2. Keep the information relevant to the audience your going after.

3. Always include a hash tag or two. #fb (Facebook) is one of the most popular that will expose you to a much larger audience.

4. Stay authentic, don’t be a robot. Every once in a while, drop in a personal tweet. “Not feeling well today, everyone at the office is sick” is a good innocuous tweet that also screams authentic engagement (ie: well wishes).

5. Stay on your brand’s message. Follow the rule…is this tweet messaging our brand in a positive and influential light? If it’s not…don’t tweet it.

6. Be creative, start a cool contest or campaign that directly engages the audience your going after. Example: Dell increase sales by 3 million…how did they do it? Read here – Dell Example.

Why is it so hard for people to just keep things simple?

I dare say…it is easy, if you let it be.

Joel Bornzin

I went over a few of these fundamentals before in my white paper on “How To Go Viral On Twitter”. You can read that paper hereLINK.

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