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How To Go Viral On Twitter


I have been reading a lot on how tweets end up going viral.

We were early to test out many of the theories in the music industry.

There are a lot of contradicting opinions in the marketplace right now.

I will distill for you the common threads that continue to re-occur.

– Ask and ye shall receive.

Provide a call to action that includes the word “please” and “retweet” and your tweet is a lot more apt to move through the ecosystem.

People feel compelled by asking politely.

– Tweet after lunch, during the week.

The most active time on Twitter is between the hours of 1-3pm.

Not sure what this says about our productivity at work or school.

– Provide a link.

What is the mission in your message?

If every message you tweeted had the potential to go viral, then wouldn’t your messages take on a whole new meaning?

Provide a link in your call to action.

– Build a niche following.

Your brand or message has to have a platform to rise from.

Focus your efforts on a specific target audience.

Always include a hash tag “# trend” or “# term” that will expose you to a larger audience on the search grid.

Your superfans will also be more apt to respond and share your tweets.

– Be creative.

Make a competition or a cool contest that relates to your followers.

Is it fun? Imaginative? Will people respond to the idea?

Twitter is still evolving, get to know the fundamentals.

There are 190 million users on Twitter right now.

The only way to get experience is to experiment.

Hone the social media strategy for your brand and GO VIRAL!

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  1. 04/14/2011 3:29 pm

    This is great information. I’ll spread this link on my reverbnation page which will send it to all of my linked sites.

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