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Micro Sponsorships


I coined the phrase in our group in March 2009, after discussing the idea with my VP of Digital Sales/Marketing at the time.

I’m not sure if it was floating around out there before that.

Maybe it was…probably was. So whatever, beside the point.

It came to me from the ethereal place that all song ideas come from for songwriters. The idea cloud, you know…above our heads.

The point I would like to make is that it will be one of the most significant trends in the marketplace.

Along with Permission Marketing and Daily Deal/Discount type site traffic drivers.

Here are the three trends that I predict for the next wave of the market.

1. Permission Marketing (Godin) will continue to dominate online consumer marketing. Direct to consumer keeps growing.

2. Daily Deal type on site traffic drivers will flood every consumer site. It’s already happening.

Amazon was a big fire starter. I really feel like the idea got traction with Woot. Everyone I say that to says to me…..”like Groupon!”  I’m like yeah sure, what short memories we have.

LA Weekly just started a Daily Discount/Deal.

Everyone will move this direction…everyone.

3. Micro Sponsorships.

The days of scoring a 200k sponsorship for anything are over.

The market will be built, maintained, and grown, on 2k-20k increments. Possibly even lower, $250-$500 Micro Sponsorships.

I also feel strongly that SEO will continue to be a defining force.

Here are the Micro Sponsorship slides from my original presentation for the music industry.

The future is built on small ball.

Micro Sponsorships

Slide 1

– Exclusive Content

– One Video, One Artist

– Limited Time Frame (virtual urgency, another topic I love).

– Hyper-Targeted Consumer Demographic

– Low Cost / Low Barrier to Entry

– High Visibility

– Artist/Brand Association

Micro Sponsorships

Slide 2

What is a Micro Sponsorship?

Micro Sponsorship is a new way to bring a brand and an artist together for a compelling ad sell in these tough economic times.

Utilizing exclusive content, for a limited time, to a specific consumer demographic at a low cost.

What does a Micro Sponsorship look like?

The artist and the brand can be featured together in three different ways.

1. One day or multi-day front page premiere ad unit rotation.

2. 5 second pre-roll on exclusive video on artist profile and artists web site for one week.

3. Medium rectangle of brand resides on artists website for cross property visibility for one week.  Brand’s website can feature the promotion for a cross property look as well. Coordination.

This gives the brand three easy touch points to reach the artists demographic.

Slide 3

– Placement Examples (see below).

****When I envisioned this plan for social media there was sponsorship $ floating around so 40k seemed reasonable.

I have revised that figure in light of the economy.

I now feel strongly this concept can transcend down into the even hundreds of dollars for truly Micro Sponsorships.

Micro Sponsorships Slide 1 by Joel Bornzin

Micro Sponsorships Slide 2 by Joel Bornzin

Micro Sponsorships Slide 3 by Joel Bornzin

I guess I am the only person on WordPress to blog about it. Out of 380,000 bloggers that ain’t too bad. If you Google Micro Sponsorships you receive a slightly better result.


Joel Bornzin

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