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Social Media ROI, is Ad Curation the Answer?


There is something that has been on my mind for some time now.

I have talked with my friends in the industry, and it doesn’t seem like anyone is doing this right now.

Why isn’t social media exposure considered a “premium upgrade” in an ad buy?

Supplement our revenue stream.

We sell rectangles, towers, behavioral targeting, sponsored #’s on Twitter, t.v., radio, mobile, print, app placement….etc.

Why don’t we wrap social media up in a bow like the following example.

Regular Ad Program –

Med Rec (medium rectangle 300X250) for x number of impressions or click through served for set time or said impressions.

That is a totally basic, jr. high version of looking at advertising, just stick with me.

Social Media Premium Upgrade –

In addition to our regular program, you can upgrade with social media tied in for an increased cost.

– We message the ad and update our 100,000 friends on Facebook. (impressions)

– We tweet your message (ad) out to our 100,000 followers on Twitter. (more impressions)

– We blog about your advert/sale/community event/discounted product on our specially formulated “SALE” blog designed for this. (more impressions/think woot or Groupon).

– We status update our MySpace page (100,000 friends) with your offering. (more impressions).

Very simple idea fleshed out here.

I understand there are a lot of offerings in the marketplace right now that combine online advertising and print media.

This is social media package specific.

If you are like me you can feel the opportunity!

What is your social media strategy worth anyway?

If you can’t gain ROI $ out of it, then what’s the point?

Some might say, you are devaluing your own message or product by messaging this type of covert “advert” out to your people.

I might say, not if we have embraced what’s important in social media (or online for that matter)…transparency and authenticity.

I don’t know anyone that has left Twitter after they revealed their “sponsored tweets #”.

Do you?

As long as it is clearly done and the offer is a good one (ala Amazon/Woot or Groupon).

Why wouldn’t we embrace our community, and expect that they might actually receive something very relevant, and valuable to them in said advert?

I agree this kind of advertising must be curated.

Smartly curated.


Know your audience. Know your customers.

It is easy to turn consumers off in social media.

However, if it’s done in a smart, open, transparent way……this can generate $.

P.S. I sent Biz Stone a message on how to monetize Twitter years ago.

Very simple idea, check it out!

– Just cycle a single sponsored Tweet through the whole system once an hour/24 a day. You could even do > or < depending.

– Tell everyone that you are doing it, and that is how you can keep the service up.

– No one will leave if your up front, honest, and transparent about it.

– I don’t mind the sponsored #’s now though, they did settle on a great idea.

190 millions user impressions is worth something….right?

On topic….if you want a great laugh enjoy this site LINK HERE.

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