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Should Companies Be Crowd Sourcing Their Brand Decisions?


Interesting article this week on The

– Logoland – Why Consumers Balk At Companies’ Efforts to Rebrand Themselves.

Should companies be crowd sourcing their brand image decisions?

Used to be brands spent millions of dollars hiring outside media and advertising consultants to come in and tell them how to present their brand to their own (and potential) customer base.

Now that markets are a conversation, isn’t a fundamental change in order?

If there is one lesson that we have all learned via Social Media, it’s that you have got to experiment to stay relevant. If you are not experimenting, you are out of touch with the market.

Why not just ask the internal Marketing staff to cook up a few options and put it out there for your own customers to decide?

Ask the question to the consumer base about their ideas for the change. Run an online poll.

We have seen what crowd sourcing an idea can do. Just drop into Twitter anytime and look through a few hash tags. (Example #idea #mobile #apple #marketing #brand).

This is a great article. Find out what Starbucks is up to and why it is causing a stir…for the SECOND Time –

Find out.

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